Monday, July 4, 2016

Road Safety

Im unsure how to start this entry. Its really about drivers and driving in general. Im not a huge fan of driving on the interstate, basically because other people are crazy. While I drive on the cautious side I am by no means a slow driver, well not really - I mean I do the speed limit, if that makes me a slow driver then so be it but I also try to allow for the crazies out there on the road.

I have to smile at the guy who speeds to be ahead of me only to end up at the red light at the same time, really what did you gain? a few inches of road? My My how superior you must feel now. Do you think that driving 2 inches from my bumper is going to make me drive as fast as you think I should be going? If anything this is going to make me go slower.

There are two things I don't like - driving in the dark and driving in the rain and if both of those things happen together then Im going to be extra careful. For one thing in this country the interstates don't have road lights all along them, once you are out of the main town area the road lights are done and you are left in mostly blackness with the glare of oncoming traffic and the rising possibility of wildlife running out and totaling your car.

This is not how it is in UK, motorways are mostly well lit and there isn't random animals waiting on the curb ready to run into your car.

All that being said if more people were a little more courteous and thoughtful about other drivers and people on the road maybe there wouldn't be as many accidents , maybe there wouldn't be as many deaths.

Maybe if you used your turn signal, you wouldn't make the person behind you angry who then in turn may drive more aggressive. You have no idea what effect your actions have on the next person. Next thing you know you honk at some random driver and he stops at the stop light, gets out his car and pulls a gun on you! How do you know what will happen? Does it really hurt you to think about the other person?

Has this world and this generation deteriorated that much that we are so selfish we have no concern for our fellow man?

That you don't think about what you are really doing? Driving along in a fragile metal box on wheels at some god awful speed and you think its a good idea to look at your phone? you think its a good idea to take your hands off the wheel and type a message? send a selfie? make a phone call? take your eyes off the road at 70 miles an hour do you think about what you are doing and what you are risking?

You risk that child's life who is sat in the back seat of the car in front.
You risk that fathers life who is struggling to provide for his family.
You risk that road construction workers life working on that road you are on.
You risk that truck drivers life who cant stop in time and crushes you into the back of the next car and the next and the next.
You risk that mothers life who is bringing her newborn baby home

How many lives are that selfie worth?
How many lives will you sacrifice to send a text?

Would it kill you to pull over or off the road?

No it wouldn't kill you to pull over but it might kill so many others if you don't.

Who decided that this would be a good idea? Ive seen people texting, applying make up, reading, and watching a dvd?
What part of those things seems like a good idea?

In the old days when cars were first invented a person would walk in front waving a flag to keep people safe!

Maybe we should revert to that!

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